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bernanke. helped bring an economic boom to america it obama and america repeat history? >> i tell you what -- boltering rate, cut the taxes and cut the deficit. they strengthened the dollar and worked and cut inflation. bernanke at some point has to raise rates, that will increase inflation. the deficit already skyrocketed and, of course, taxes are being raised or at least the bush tax cuts are going to go away. cap and trade is going to be another tax. the economy is going to go the opposite way it did under regan. >> under regan there was a 7% rate of growth for five straight quarters. can we expect something like that, toby? >> we are not going get that. bernanke is the right man for the job. those of us working in the financial sector at that time, both did things that no one ever thought they would do. particularly raise the rates. remember the 15% money market accounts. he has the knowledge to do this and bernanke i think is the right guy for this. we are not going to get 7% growth in the economy today. the good thing is we have two billion new consumers throughout the world than we
edition of america's news headquarters from new york city, i'm rick folbaum. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to have you with us on this exciting day and if you are tuning in for the cost of freedom, no worries it will air later today at 12:00 eastern and only one hour remains now, before judge sotomayor takes her oath and becomes the 111th supreme court justice, caroline shivley is live after the supreme court monitoring the excitement. hi, caroline. >> reporter: hey there, jamie. it an historic day today, becoming the first hispanic justice, on the supreme court, sonia sotomayor and also as you said the first time cameras will be inside the supreme court building and we'll get to see it broadcast live less than an hour from now and here's the breakdown of what we'll see at 11:00 local, first, sotomayor will take the constitutional oath administered by chief justice con robert and a private -- in a private ceremony and her family is allowed in for that and no cameras and that is the oath all federal employees take and in the a public ceremony which we'll broadcast live when she takes
weeks of fantastic meals. that's right, 105 meals absolutely free. call or click now. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. hurricane bill today is churning through the atlantic. the storm pounding bermuda with heavy rains and winds near 105 miles per hour. a tropical storm warning in effect for parts of massachusetts, including the islands of nantucket and martha's vineyard. forecasters warning folks they are of high tides and rip currents. waves expected to reach as high as 25 feet. the warning in effect through tomorrow morning. and president obama is trying to clear the air on health care reform. in his weekly radio and internet address, he is saying opponents are making, quote, phony claims about the plan, including so-called death panels. mr. obama also calling for an honest debate on the issue. republicans accusing the president of being fast and loose with his facts on health care. we're going to send you back to "bulls & bears" now. i'm jimmy -- i'm jamie colby. stay tuned. brenda: oil bushing, settling near $74 a barrel, the highest price this year. what is w
-mart and america. and then on to your stimulus dollars, paying for what? funding porn, perverts reviews, toilets, all of the above? take a wild guess and stick around for the crazy answer. >> there was an early morning scare at one of our busiest airports, the central terminal building at la guardia was evacuated around 5:30 a.m. a man taken into police custody for possession of a suspicious package. security officials say the suspect was, quote, just acting crazy. police say the device in his bag ended up being a few batteries and wires but was not dangerous. and health care reform moves ahead after democrats strike a compromise. the house energy and commerce committee narrowly passing a bill last night, setting up a showdown in the full house next month. the terms agreed on when blue dog and liberal democrats forged a compromise. one change included the feds now are given the authority to negotiate price with drug companies. there's lots of news both domestically and overseas. we'll have more headlines for you in about 30 minutes. now more "bulls & bears" straight ahead only on fox. elizabeth:
't paste. it ain't crayons. americans love a comeback story. what about michael vick? >> from america's news headquarters i'm jamie colby. there's been a bomb blast that rocked afghanistan's capital. exploding just outside nato's headquarters. it killed at least seven people injuring 91 others so far. this is the first major attack in kabul since february just a week before the election. the taliban claims responsibility. there are new details out about the deadly midair collision over new york's hudson river last weekend. the air traffic controller at teterboro handling the small plane involved in the crash was apparently chatting on the phone and now details that he was talking to his girlfriend about a cat. the ntsb said the controller initially failed to warn the pilot other aircraft were in his path. back to "bulls and bears" now. brenda: so, here is another lesson on stimulus waste. in new york the government happeneding out 200 stimulus bucks to any kid on welfare or food stamps. that is supposed to be spent on school supplies but check out what parents are reportedly buying. v
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)